About Us

Kenyans most trusted storage tanks that a good number of common mwanachi are proud to associate themselves with for over 10 years.

Jumbo Tanks quality as proven to be the strongest and can with stand all types of weather across Kenya.

We not only sell you good quality but we also give you a peace of mind knowing that next generations will  drink safe water stored in Jumbo Tanks.

Wherever you see Jumbo Tanks, be rest assured that is a happy customer with a peace of mind.

Our tanks life span is over 35 years and we are the only plastic tank manufacturing company that will give you 16 years warranty in writing since we are sure of the quality that will serve generations to come.

We use the latest technology in manufacturing the best double layered products are both food grade and KEBS certified.

Our network is spread across Kenya and our business associates who are proud and speak high volume regarding Jumbo Tanks are traders, hardware’s, Supermarket, etc.

As part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) we have in the past been proud to donate jumbo tanks to several schools, religion institutions, NGO’s, less unfortunate orphans children’s homes, etc.

Astral Industries Limited is a private limited Company, established in 2004 and incorporated
in the year 2006.
Its business scope covers a wide range of products which include manufacturing of Panels Tanks structures, Steel structures, Fuel Tanks, Hot water Cylinders, Plastic Molded tanks, general fabricator and regular service maintenance.
In terms of the business aspect, the company has grown tremendously with a turnover of over 200 million by 2014 and targeting a national market rather than its original regional market share that it commenced with. Personnel growth was drastically affected since the demand in the market was more. This ensured that those within these communities had access to employment improving livelihoods’ where one there was a need.

In terms of meeting the needs of the community around and ensuring that water is not a commodity that will not be unreachable to many, the company participates in various community functions where they are able to donate products that ease the needs of those affected in such surrounding. This will not only be in form of human consumption (Water Tanks),but also in the agricultural sector that ensures that they that inhabitants in arid areas may have crops to sustain them ensuring drip irrigation and green house can be placed. It ensures that the Kenyan food basket increase and brazen tales of hunger are considerably curbed down.
Astral Industries is celebrating their 10th year anniversary by offering clients from all sectors different bargains that will continue to help the countries bread basket to increase. This is an addition that will help productivity creativity among the young generation and curb ailments that come about due to lack of proper nourishment be tackled. We hope as we progress our products will satisfy your individual as well as communities needs.
Technologically: Our products have been made to fit in spaces that were ones considered impossible, or cumbersome to place items living the client with the serenity that our lifestyle is as aesthetically appealing as one desires.