Underground Tanks from 1700 to 4600 liters

Underground Tanks from 1700 to 4600 liters

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Enables you to gather municipal water even when the pressure is low, allowing you to pump it up at your own convenience to redistribute/disburse it in other areas of use. Harvesting rainwater is also in the same manner since gravity forces it to collect in.
Uses for underground water tanks
• Used for storing water from rainwater harvesting systems
• Can be used to store municipal and water from other sources for household use
• Underground tanks can be used as water reservoirs for irrigation systems
• Emergency supplies of water can be safely stored for long periods underground
• Underground tanks can also store water for fire fighting purposes
• Water for livestock can be stored underground


  •   Where space is limited, underground tanks can be placed under driveways or lawns
    • Where above-ground water tanks may not be aesthetically pleasing, underground water tanks are hidden from view
    • Water stored underground is safe from vandals and tampering, especially important where civil unrest may occur
    • Underground tanks are protected from fires and other natural disasters such as hurricanes
    • In an agricultural or wildlife situation, underground tanks are protected from animals that may rub against or otherwise damage above ground tanks