Looking for a water tank? You've come to the right place. We build the most durable and affordable tanks. You can buy them here or call us at 0714 714 171. We'll deliver to you within a week.


Why Jumbo Tank?

Ultra Durable

Our tanks are built for life. We are the only manufacturer that provides a 16 year warranty.

We use industrial grade polyethlene with double layers and precise thickness at every fold for an ultra strong but light tank that can endure the harshest of weather conditions. 


We may not have the cheapest price tag, but over long term we give you the best value. 

We accept a variety of payment options and provide financing. For non-profits and underserved communities we offer deep discounts. Call us and we'll do our best.

Safe & Eco-friendly

Our tanks are food grade and KEBS certified. Every tank is UV-treated. It is the perfect tank to collect rain water.

We believe everyone should have access to safe drinking water and live on a clean planet.

We recycle old and unusable tanks to give them new life. 

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